Email Send Limits

We all like to send an email from our accounts whether it's to another family member or sending that important new business proposal.

To keep everything working fine for everyone from small companies to the large enterprise companies we limit out email accounts to send 2400 emails daily which is an average of 100 emails per hour per hosting account on our shared hosting. On top of the hourly send limit, we also have a maximum recipient limit of 25 per email every 30 minutes. This is in place to reduce external servers blocking your domain for up to 24 hours if not permanently as they could detect this as spam. As an example, you have 1 email address send a lot of email to 50 Gmail users from 1 email being sent then Gmail would lock out your domain (all users send email using your domain name) to send to other people who have a Gmail account. Whenever you hit this limit, our servers will send you an email letting you know about this and to which emails are stuck in a queue to be sent. If you ignore this warning, then emails after this limit will be discarded so the servers email queue does not be blocked up.

If this is not sufficient for your needs, please let us know as we can help in getting this available for you.

If you are not sure how many emails you or your company sends, then don't worry as we can get this information for you upon request.


If you have any questions regarding this, then please feel free to ask your dedicated support adviser.

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