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  1. Free months hosting

We no longer offer a free month hosting alone although when you purchase hosting of 12 months or more you get at least 1-month hosting for free which will always be used on month 10-12. Should you want to have a trial or our cPanel this is available, and you can find the details for this on our site at https://www.danumhost.co.uk/knowledgebase.

  1. Free domain name

We offer a free domain name on certain TLD’s when your hosting is paid for from either 6+ months. Depending on your package this may be 12+ months. For your domain to be included it needs to be a primary domain on your account and be due on or before the renewal date of your package to be included. Domains will be renewed for 1 year at a time and should you require a full refund the cost of the domain will be kept as these are classed as a non-refundable item as this would be something which would be owned by yourself until expiry. If you have any questions in relation to any of this section, please feel free to contact a member of the team by opening a support ticket from your account.

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