Installing Updates to WordPress

Installing updates to WordPress is just as important as the security, as an out-of-date plugin can leave an open door for a hacker to get in.

To update your plugins and themes simply follow these simple steps.

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Hover over the Dashboard link in the top left
  3. Click on updates
  4. Here you will then be able to see all the updates available for WordPress, Plugins, Themes, and languages for your site.
  5. Select the ones you would like to update and then click on update.
  6. Depending on how many there are may depend on how long it will take as some could take around 10 seconds to complete and others up to 2 minutes per plugin.

Don't worry if you don't see any updates there as there may not be any although if there are no updates for more than a week then there may be an issue with your site as there are normally updates every few days for some plugins.

If you have WordFence installed this would have sent you an email stating, there are updates available as this provides a scan report every time it scans your website.

Installing updates to WordPress plugins

If you require assistance or have any questions about this, then please feel free to contact a member or our team.

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