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If you choose the Ultimate Package this is designed for you to unleash the power of hosting.

Don't worry, just because it's the Ultimate account you can downgrade at any time if you feel it's a little too much. You can always return to this package later!

Below are package details with more information to explain what you will get.

  • Unlimited Storage - This is the ultimate dream to build your sites without the worry or running out of space!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth - We don't want to punish people or companies for having a busy and successful emails account so we allow unlimited email attachments, which few other providers can do.
  • Unlimited Email Address - We believe this is an ideal package for that business who has a growing workforce, so you don't have to worry about not having enough email address for everyone.
  • 10GB Email Inbox - We believe 10GB is a good thing to have although you can manually reduce this in the control panel and even choose different mailbox sizes per user.
  • Unlimited Sub-Domain - Subdomains are good to section off various parts of your site. You could even use this as a testing area depending on your needs. There are no restrictions on what you can have in a sub-domain.
  • Unlimited Addon Domain - Addon domains are good if you host more than just the one email domain!

If you choose one of our bundles you get all the above plus a great discount on our annual, bi-annual, and tri-annual packages.

*Domains are free only for the first year.

**The first 6 months are non-refundable.

Should you require any more information please feel free to open a ticket and ask one of our friendly advisers any question you feel has not been covered.

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