Contacting DanumHost

  1. Email

You can contact DanumHost by email. You can see a list our email address below.

Site Generic – [email protected]

General Enquiries – [email protected]

Billing Department – [email protected] (available to registered clients only)

Support Department – [email protected]

When emailing us you will be able to use your registered email address, we hold for you, and this will automatically create a ticket and link this to your account. Should you email us, and your email address is not registered you can Register to DanumHost by going to If your email address is incorrect in your profile, you can update this by clicking here and update your details.

  1. Phone

To call DanumHost you can do so by calling this number. +44 (0) 7999302638.

  1. Ticket

To open a support ticket click here.

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