SSL not working when site is loaded

So, you have your account all set up and everything is working as it should although you are getting the security warning when you are loading your website.

This can normally occur when you have forwarded a domain from elsewhere and has not been picked up by our server yet.

You can manually refresh this yourself by going into your cPanel and choosing SSL/TLS Status. If you cannot find this in cPanel you can use the search feature which will pick this out from the large list of features, you have available.

Then simply select all the domains which are affected by this and then click on Run AutoSSL. Domains which are not active with the SSL certificate will be shown with a 'X'.

This process will take around 1 minute and should resolve this issue although this option may be unavailable as the server scans for domain and subdomain names which are not active every 15 minutes so may already be in the process of sorting this out already. You can run this as many times as you like just to make sure this is running and active on your website.

If this still brings up issues, clear cookies and recent browsing data from your web browser and then try to access your website again as this could be old information stored in your browser.

If any errors appear when this is being run, you will be shown this information for the individual items affected. You may need to contact our support team to fix this.

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