Assistance for online Companies

If you are an online company and not sure where to go next or just want to make life a little easier then feel free to contact one of our dedicated support team to have a talk and to see where we can help you online.

17th Aug 2018
Email Hosting

We now host just the email side of things here at DanumHost. We believe that if its just email you want why not provide that removing the limits of storage and the amount of email accounts you can have. Our email servers work with the most popular apps for your computer, tablet and smart device. You can find this new package by clicking here! Read More »

8th Aug 2018
Did someone say free Domain?

Yes its true, we are giving away a free domain on our unlimited packages if purchased annually or higher.

Simply choose one of our Unlimited packages or bundles and the qualifying domain will be discounted at the checkout!

8th Aug 2018
Did you know?

Do you know the main reason why so many high street shops are closing down or why some companies are closing down their shops and moving online?The answer is because for an online shop you don't need to pay all of the common bills you would normally have to pay like rent, water, council tax.That is why we are offering totally unlimited online area ... Read More »

28th Jul 2018