DanumHost assistance

We all like to know what we are doing which is why we are now in the middle of creating a whole new knowledge base for our clients. Instead of reading and then having to remember what has been done, thanks to research we have discovered that people learn and remember more when they see something happen in front of them, which is why we are making ... Read More »

20th Jul 2019
Is your hosting secure?

This month we are looking on the security of for hosting for our clients! Did you know if you have a website created, you might not always get your own hosting package and you may be sharing with someone else, or even several other companies! This can be a high security risk as you will all be sharing the same control panel and have access to ... Read More »

8th Jun 2019
Web Developer Day is Coming!

Yes it's true! Web developer day is coming on the 31st May 2019. For this 1 day only we are offering 50% off all of our web and email hosting packages when purchased on an annual subscription. Don't worry after 1 year the payments can go back to how you would prefer from monthly right up to every 3 years. So this applies for 1 day only from ... Read More »

28th May 2019
Time for a clear up?

At DanumHost we are always thinking of ways to help and today we think that if you're running low on space then why not try some of these options, Connecting your emails accounts as POP instead of IMAP. The reason for this is then that your email client will then download all of the emails from your account onto the computer you are currently ... Read More »

21st May 2019