Here is a brief information on some of the things that we do.

Email hosting for people or companies who need that little extra. With our hosting you get totally unlimited email accounts linked to your domain with mailboxes as huge as you require or you can just set them to unlimited too.

Personal hosting is a great thing for the company just starting off or for the personal site to show your hobbies off. Don't worry though as we know companies and projects grow as we do so that's why you can upgrade at a later date if needed and all of your settings and work will remain untouched just with the upgraded benefits added.

Ultimate Hosting is if you don't like limits on what you do then this will be the package for you as we open the gates and let you free to the usage you need to get on. If your not sure if you're not using all that you can and wondering if you would cope downgrade at any time then don't worry, you can check in your client area or ask one of our team who will be happy to help.

Payments - Don't like paying monthly? That's fine we have you covered as you can pay as and when you like from daily* up to triennially. We have introduced this as then everyone feels like there is 1 less thing to worry about with their hosting package and everything will be OK on their terms.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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