Having a brand-new website is fine but how many have a username which matches the website or even called Admin or Administrator?

Just think that if someone was going to try hack into your website, they will be trying these first as these are the obvious usernames to use. try using something like a name like your first initial followed by a surname or even better an email address that does not start as a department name or admin etc.

Now you have chosen a good username its password time! We always advise to use 2 or 3 words using a capital somewhere in there that also includes 2 or more numbers as well as an unusual character. REMEMBER!! never use words like password or your website name in the password as this just makes it all so much easier for someone trying to access and take over your website.

We recommend using something like https://www.experte.com/password-generator to create your password, just remember to make sure you keep it somewhere safe!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

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