At DanumHost we are always thinking of ways to help and today we think that if you're running low on space then why not try some of these options,

  • Connecting your emails accounts as POP instead of IMAP. The reason for this is then that your email client will then download all of the emails from your account onto the computer you are currently using. This would only really work for you if you only use 1 device to get your emails, otherwise IMAP will be your option as this will keep all of the emails on your account until you manually delete them.
  • Compress files on your website that don't get used often. Even though our servers compress all the data stored on them huge files can still gobble up your storage.
  • Have a website flush out as some items and plugins on your site will be using space even though they are disabled.
  • Clear file based cache files. Although many of these are small files depending on your website these can be pretty large also.

If you require any assistance please feel free to contact our team.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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